Hey, what’s up guys. I am sure you landed here through searching for the Abercrombie workout and who can blame you. Abercrombie models are in great shape.

You are going to be glad you landed here, because I am going to let you in on the secrets to looking like an Abercrombie model.

Fitness advice.

It’s like a double edged sword.

Most advice will benefit you in the short run and you will see quick results.

But that’s also the BIG PROBLEM. It’s just the short run.

You see, most bodybuilding advice will have you working every freaking muscle on your body. Is this necessary? Nope, well not for aesthetic reasons anyway. You see that would be wasting time.

You’ve probably heard about the Pareto principle (the 80/20 rule), right?

The hidden 20% of fitness advicee gives you 80% results. Of those that do, 80% doesn’t do much. 20% is where it’s at.

You get the picture.

Well to get ripped (like an abercrombie model), its more like 90/10. Or 95/5.

It’s the elite 5% of advice that is getting them so ripped. Everyone else gets sub-optimal results.

Best case scenario… you get a 4 pack. But that’s the best case scenario.

Most fitness enthusiasts never get to the 6 pack ab stage let alone maintain them.

On the next few pages, I’m going to present a completely different perspective to you.

I’m going to let the cat-out-the-bag, so to speak.

I’m going to give you a glimpse at how the “Elite 5%” (abercrombie models) go about getting and staying ripped.

I’m going to demonstrate this with a story, based completely on real world facts.


Great. Strap in. Tight. Because I’m going to expose you to some “mind altering” perspectives.

So here’s the scenario:

How would you (as a fitness enthusiast) approach getting ripped?

… ideally without wasting your time and money.

Think about how YOU would do it.

Well … I’m going to demonstrate the answer using a story of two different people.

Damon & Steve.

BTW: This is a universal strategy. It’ll work for anyone.


Damon and Steve both want to look like abercrombie models. But they approach this from a totally different perspective.

Damon is the typical guy who follows bodybuilding advice.

He hangs out on bodybuilding.com and spends most of his time learning from people who don’t want to look like an abercrombie model but a bodybuilder liek Jay Cutler.

He also buys the next magic supplement and weight loss pill…just so he doesn’t feel as he is missing out.

But these he typically sees no difference.

Damon loves to (blindly) follow the crowd. He loves step-by-step training.

He’s less concerned with WHY something works (or doesn’t). Screw that. He just wants to know what works NOW.

Steve on the other hand doesn’t go the easy-button route. He doesn’t buy into all that hype and hoopla stuff.

He’s never been one to conform to the status quo. Not his style.

If  we needed supplement x to get ripped, how did all the guys before supplements came in, get ripped?

The lure of the shiny-object has never made much sense to him.

He’s not a moth. He’ wants to be ripped.

Steve needs to know WHY something works. The WHY is important to him. It allows him to adapt and innovate.

Steve’s focus is all about getting real results that don’t just work short term, but work long term.

Steve is results focused.

Unbeknown to each other … Damon and Steve both land on this site.

Damon doesn’t see this as a shiny new object. In fact he wonders why he has never heard about this advice. This advice isn’t mainstream, so he reads a few lines and hits the back button. See Damon has learnt that you must eat 6 meals a day to keep your metabolism up (thats a lie btw), and that you must do hours on end of steady state cardio. It’s what the bodybuilders are doing so he assumes this advice must work to look like an abercrombie model, just stop at a certain point.

Wanna hear what Steve did?

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