Damon and Steve operate differently (just like the way they tackle getting lean).

The results they achieve are polar opposites too.

Now what I’m about to say is probably going to be a hard pill to swallow.

You may tell yourself that I’m totally wrong.
That’s OK. Because there’s your ego to consider.

I understand that.

So … just for a short while (no one will even know), remove your ego from the picture for a second.

Here goes…

Are you closer to a Damon or a Steve(in your approach to getting lean)?

Truth is … 90% of people (prob’ly closer to 99% actually) who try to get lean, are a “Damon”.

But it’s the people like “Steve” who are quietly pocketing all the loot from modelling. You see models are in high demand and low supply which means a lot of cash. It is in peoples interest to keep the secrets away from you.

Thing is … none of us (me very much included) are born a Steve.

We all START OFF as a Damon.

But most people stay right there. Chasing the proverbial “shiny object”. The “magic-supplement”.

The lure of QUICK & EASY results is just way too strong. It prevents a Damon from looking
anywhere else. It’s like kryptonite. Damon, like Superman, is powerless to it.

Some people. The smart ones. “Upgrade” from being a Damon, to a Steve.

So what is this program I have failed to mention? It is called Visual Impact Muscle Building, and all the top models are using it. Rusty Moore the author identified this niche as untapped. Everyone was promoting bodybuilding programs and left the abercrombie type body out.

If you want to get a deep insight into this hidden 5% of knowledge.

Be bold. Be remarkable.

P.S. Steves unfair advantage was Visual Impact Muscle Building.

If you decide to pick up a copy, shoot me an email to mikemc007 at hotmail dot com with your clickbank receipt and I will send you my special report the 30 Day Lose Fat and Gain Muscle for special events.